130 Kent Street, London, Ontario [FOR SALE]

by Jason Fredin

Built in 1863 and an example of the Georgian Revival style, you could own this piece of history, for the low sum of $599,900!

130 Kent Street

Even after checking my couch cushions, I fell a few hundred-thousand dollars short of that price.

130 Kent Street was also identified by the 2007 edition of Buildings on the Brink by Heritage London Foundation.

The building was home to two prominent Londoners. It was first occupied by George Mackenzie Gunn, the owner of G.M. Gunn & Son, a local insurance company. Gunn was on City Council, a director of several loan societies and contributed to the formation of First Saint Andrew’s Church. A later owner was Talbot Macbeth, the son of George Macbeth who was part heir of Colonel Talbot’s estate. During the 1970’s to the mid 1990’s the building was Maria Reilly Ltd clothing store.

Hopefully the property will be bought by an individual that respects the heritage value of the building as it is designated as a priority 1 by the city. I’m not sure of any provincial designation yet, but I have inquired.

This property would possibly make for a good office renovation being downtown and possibly a lawyers office due to it’s proximity to the courthouse.

Currently it is home to the Western University chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha.

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