Yes, I am a hacker.

No, not the kind that steals information, makes your computer run slow, or makes the antivirus industry billions of dollars a year.

I hack away at WordPress websites, mostly customizing themes and installing plugins.

It’s about time I got a bit more serious about my web development skills though.

I figure a strong foundation in PHP, MySQL, Javascript, and CSS will get me pretty far.

All I need to do now is to learn them again from the ground up. Why from the ground up? Mostly because I have always found one of the keys to learning a language is momentum. ‘Use it, or loose it’ as the saying goes. Well at this point, I have lost quite a bit of it after not having much web development work to do.

Some of my favorite resources:


A really nice walk through of the basics in the fundamental building blocks behind WordPress.

JavaScript & CSS

Code Year

Code Year is a year long online learning environment from Codecademy which is designed to allow the learner to progress through 52 weeks of interactive coding lessons. There are other great resources on the site as well.

I think that’s enough to keep me busy for now.