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Rexall Digital Thermometer – RX500

RX500 Digital Thermometer

A long, long time ago we bought a great little thermometer at Rexall. It’s great for our son because it reads the temperature from the temple.

The only problem we have is that it somehow gets changed from fahrenheit to celsius.

We own two of these , one rarely gets used because it is stuck in celsius (and the conversion is not easy to do in your head), and we lost the instructions almost immediately after buying it. I’m posting the solution here for anyone who may have the same problem.

I finally found the answer on how to switch the units on these little surface thermometers. I have posted the solution here for anyone who may be in the same boat.

  1. Make sure the thermometer is off.
  2. Press and hold the “START” button for 5 seconds (the button you press to read the temperature)
  3. After 5 seconds the display will read “– -F° ” or “– -C° ” with the letter blinking.
  4. Release the “START” button.
  5. Press and release the “START” button.
  6. The thermometer will blink the new unit symbol for roughly 3 seconds and will then start up like normal but with your selected units.
  7. Take the temperature as usual.

We bought these at the Rexall in London, Ontario, they may also be sold elsewhere with other branding. The other identification is inside the battery cover and reads:

Model Number: RX500

Rexall Brands Corp.

5965 Coopers Avenue

Mississagua, Ontario

L4Z 1R9

Lot Code: 0605-9134

How to do Social Media Right

Recently I have been listening to a new radio show in London called “Persuasion Inc. Advertising Exposed”.

Go ahead and tune in to this once a month show (or infomercial) or check it out online at Persuasion Inc’s page at

On their last show titled “Dangers of Word of Mouth and Social Media Advertising” Craig gives an excellent overview on how you can run your own social media campaign into the ground. Not that any of his information is incorrect, it just doesn’t mention that there are plenty of ways to use social media effectively.

So how can we correct the ways businesses fail when it comes to social media? Let’s look at how to avoid Compel Media’s 10 Steps to Social Media Advertising Damage:

1, You come (or are led) to believe, social media advertising can replace traditional advertising.

This is a horrible way to run a campaign, with any form of media. Never put all of your eggs in one basket. Every company requires a mix of approaches to reach out to their target market. This mix will vary widely depending on the particular product.

2, You cancel some or all traditional advertising in lieu of “FREE” Social Media Advertising.

Again… see number one. Also mentioned on the show that there is “no such thing as a free lunch.” All marketing efforts have a cost to them, be it in discounts, media production, or purchasing air time, social media has underlying costs as well. Budget for these costs just as you would any other promotional program.

3, You or one of your staff “work” your social media.

Like any duty within your business, choosing the right person for the job is key. Finding a person familiar with social media and it’s use as a promotional tool might not always lend itself to an internal person. Just as not every company has a photographer on staff, there are many firms and freelancers out there who can handle these tasks. Putting together a social media strategy should assess your team’s abilities and use outside help to shore up your weaknesses.

No matter who runs your social media properties also needs guidelines. Have a conversation about how you want the business represented online. This avoids the need to have every post “approved” by several people and can set boundaries as well.

4, Your social media advertising or “feeds” are initially sales pitches for your services or products (because people love being “sold” in social settings).

You know you are in trouble if giving something away is the only way you can get attention. Treat social media just like you would any social setting. First, it helps if a known figure can introduce you to new people. Second, don’t try to steer the conversation to what it is that you want to talk about. You can learn a lot by taking your time and listen to what others are talking about, chime in when you feel comfortable and have something constructive to say. Just being a contributing member of the community will get you some recognition.

5, You soon find people only seem to respond to deep discount deals you offer. You find yourself offering such at increasingly frequent intervals.

Unless bargain hunters are your target demographic, I see no need to chase people like this. Although periodic give-aways and contests can build some buzz and good will if you use give-aways strategically. [1]

6, While you were originally updating a couple times a day, you soon run out of creative things to say….and you can’t afford to keep giving things away.

As above, you will run out of things to say if all you do is use social media as a platform to broadcast. There is always something to say or respond to when you engage the community.

7, Your updates become much less frequent.

Resist the urge to say something just for the sake of hearing your own voice. Maybe find someone with similar interests and try asking questions, the same thing you might do in a “real life” social setting.

8, Your intermittent future updates become personal puff pieces, sayings & sales pitches…accomplishing little.

I know creating content can be hard, but keep at it. What about thanking an employee for their hard work? rTraction did it on Labour Day and it was noticed widely. Who wouldn’t want to work for a company like that? See [2][3][4][5]

9, You’re now just part of the ignored background of your followers feeds…or worse, you’re an irritant.

Make sure you are listening and trying to gauge the response of the community. If you are being ignored it’s time to reevaluate your efforts and consider making a change. Consider more sharing and retweeting content you like from others, it can be just as important in building relationships.

10, Months pass…thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars of business are lost.

This is the end result we are trying to avoid. Like any other form of promotion, having a way to measure the returns on your investment are the only way to decide if your current marketing mix is working.

Not to say that I haven’t seen this pattern in many companies’ efforts, but these are just a few (of many) ways to avoid Compel Media’s 10 Steps to Social Media Advertising Damage.

Price of Education

With the recent  Coursera and The University of Toronto announcement stating that they will be working together to offer several of their courses for free online, I was reminded of a tweet from a while ago because the courses will not be for credit.

Maybe ‘value’ was the wrong word, but the idea that you need to pay an institution so you can get an education is fading.

Higher education still has a place in the certification of individuals.

The University of Washington has announced that it plans to offer some ‘for credit’ classes through Coursera, but these will come with a fee attached. Roughly the same fee as attending the same class on campus.

What do you get with that fee? “The for credit Coursera courses would be enhanced with direct, online communication with the instructor, and students would take monitored exams.” I assume much of the work here is in monitoring exams so that UW can put their stamp of approval on your education.

Even if you look at google for another example, their Google Testing Center. All the required information for the tests is provided on the learning site, but to become certified there is a test with a small fee.

What’s the biggest threat to post secondary institutions?

Very simply, the biggest threat is themselves. If a college or university lets their standards slide, the value of the education they sell falls.

Looking around my class when I was at college (yes, a long time ago) I saw ‘D’ students struggling to get a passing mark, but they have the same diploma hanging on their wall that I do.

Recently, I have heard rumours that teachers are under pressure to pass students to keep their program’s enrolment up.

This mentality could (and should) be the death blow to the program.

Why do people hire young students from Ivey, Yale, Princeton, etc? Because those institutions only admit the brightest and hardest working and are not afraid to cut those who don’t meet their criteria.

Shocking Costs

$20,800 for Joe Fontana’s state of the city breakfast.

$47,313 for Peter MacKay’s F-35 photo op.

$23,000 to ferry three cabinet ministers around Davos last year.

$16 for a glass of orange juice.

Are these excesses? Yes, especially in a time where all politicians are preaching “fiscal responsibility”. Media also loves these stories and runs headlines to enrage the general population.

On the other hand, consider these as promotional events. Many events we think are common come with a hefty price tag.

For example, I was shocked to find the “average” wedding can run up a tab of $20,000. Including in some locations (like New York) $12 – $15 per person just for the deserts, or spurlging for sparklers in your centrepiece to light during the couples’ first dance, $3,600.

I’m sure these are not the only examples of indulgence that occur every day.

While we shouldn’t excuse the lavish spending, we should understand how it happens and put controls in place to reduce it.

Double Edged Sword

Some problems are difficult to solve and some solutions have unintended consequences.

One that jumped out at me today is the obesity issue. With the current education strategy, making people aware that being overweight is bad for your health, it makes me wonder if it is increasing bullying.

For example, statements like the following are widely accepted as true, and it likely is.

“We solve obesity, we solve the health care problem.” – Donnie Deutsch

I have heard it many times before and healthcare expenses related to obesity have certainly risen. Eliminating those expenses would definitely relive much of the stress on healthcare.

But wait…

As we undergo this urgent campaign telling people they need to shape up for better health, we may also be vilifying those people we are trying to help. I can’t help but assume the more we get told being overweight is wrong, the more body issues are going to get picked on.

According to a 2006 Toronto District School Board student census for Grades 7 to 12 (pg.21), students were primarily bullied because of body image…

As much as 38% of bullying in grades 7-8 is body image related!

Yes, I know that being overweight isn’t the only body image reason those kids got picked on. The bullying could be for being too tall, too short, too thin, freckled, blonde, or red-headed amongst other things. People can be mean when you don’t ‘fit in’.


Some people are trolls, out to say things because they know it draws attention. Knowing there are people who support their position and others who can’t wait to say they are wrong.

This morning I spent 20 minutes of my life reading a crappy columnist, actually giving him, and his publisher exactly what they want.

Who was it? I’m not going to say, because that’s exactly what they want.

As tough as it may be, the best thing to do is to walk away and move on.

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