People Don’t Like Meetings

If there is one sentence that frustrates me every time I hear it, it would have to be:

“People would know this if they showed up to the meetings.”

I heard it again, although second hand, this week in reference to our new sick leave policy here at work.

Yes, the union conducts important work at general membership meetings, and yes members should attend them, and yes meetings are the optimal time to ask questions as well as have input into the union’s direction, but that does not give the union any excuse to not distribute information to it’s membership.

Meetings are just one way to communicate information.

Let’s face facts, people don’t want to show up to union meetings because they are boring. Having a geographically central location, childcare, door prizes, or coffee and donuts is not going to change that.

People do want information about issues that affect their jobs and their paycheque.

It’s the union’s job to ensure that information gets to individuals, not that the individuals get to that information.