Giving Yourself a Nickname

by Jason Fredin

AM980’s Devon Peacock yesterday discussed nicknaming London “The City of Champions” on the Pulse, or the Craig Needles show, I don’t remember now, he hosted both yesterday.

I personally don’t like the idea of giving ourselves a new nickname. Not that I’m crazy about the name “The Forest City”, I don’t think it is really fitting either. Our city looks to be the forest city in name only, we don’t have much more tree cover than other Canadian cities of our size.

My objection is over the idea that you can fix anything with a name.

I could call myself Batman all I want but the name doesn’t make me a kickass crime fighter. The only way to accomplish that is to go out there and actually fight crime. The coolness in the name follows from the individual’s actions.

In other words,

“a rose by any other name would smell as sweet” – Shakespere

or in our case, no matter what we name the city, we aren’t going to fix the underlying problems without rolling up our sleeves and working towards making this a better city.

It’s time to look our problems square in the face and proposing workable solutions, not feel-good rebranding.

We also need to divide the responsibilities between the private and public sectors.

Infrastructure is a public responsibility. Fixing that will create jobs, but not enough.

Job creation falls to the private sector. The only thing the municipality is responsible for there is to get out of the way and listen to see if there are any ways it can assist business.