More Questions Than Answers

by Jason Fredin

I’m now at the point that the whole Joe Fontana “scandal” is starting to wear on me.

In a vacuum of information from the Mayor himself, rumours and speculation run wild. I completely understand that in light of the serous charges he is faced with, he needs to follow his attorney’s guidance, he needs to protect himself from making matters worse. At least at his press conference he clearly said “I am not guilty”. Four words which would have knocked the wind out of this scandal at its beginning.

In an interview with AM980, Gord Cudmore said (or at least strongly implied) they have an ace up their sleeve. For Joe’s sake, the “Fontana 8”, and the city as a whole, I hope he’s right.

Although he may not be able to disclose what his evidence is, even privately. What worries me most is with this smoking gun to prove his innocence, the Mayor has failed to rally some of his supporters…

…or is that what we are seeing with Denise Brown’s flip-flop decision today at council’s finance committee.

If the Mayor has definitive evidence that he would be found innocent, he should be speaking to his base privately declaring his innocence with our without being able to provide proof. Assuring councillors they wont be left with egg on their face for backing him.

Councillors who have moved for Joe to step aside while he either repairs his good name, or sees it permanently destroyed, are doing so with the backing (or demands) of their constituents. I see no problem with this, they are doing as the constituents they were elected to represent have overwhelmingly endorsed.

Councillors who oppose this motion appear to have gone “all in” in favour of Fontana and his way of conducting business.

Our entire council will be putting their chips on the table during the next council meeting.

Losing even one of his supporters may indicate trouble.