Newtown, Connecticut

by Jason Fredin

My heart is broken after hearing of the events that took place yesterday.

This hits close to home as I heard the news while my six-year-old was still at school, and I know how happy of a place those classrooms usually are.

It is also particularly disturbing that knowing what happened there, couldn’t be stopped, at least without a crystal ball.

America has a problem.

Many rushed to say gun control is needed. While I agree this is needed, it is just one part of the solution. Many will soon point out that these guns were stolen from his mother. His mother would have been able to legally obtain these firearms, even in Canada.

Even in a small non-violent community the school had security measures for these types of threats.

“Somehow, he got past a security door to a place where children should have been safe from harm.” NP

The media has conflicting reports on of the Principal allowed him in after recognizing him, or if he broke a window to gain entry.

Just this fall our son’s school implemented similar procedures where all doors are locked and access is through the front door only with an intercom after the start of school. While shocked to hear about at the time now it doesn’t seem excessive at all.

So does Canada have a problem too?

I don’t think so. I attribute it to better mental health care and less prevalence of gun culture, but these two items barely scratch the surface of the changes needed to avoid more tragic occurrences.

There are no easy defences for senseless actions, but that’s no excuse to do nothing.