Rexall Digital Thermometer – RX500

by Jason Fredin

RX500 Digital Thermometer

A long, long time ago we bought a great little thermometer at Rexall. It’s great for our son because it reads the temperature from the temple.

The only problem we have is that it somehow gets changed from fahrenheit to celsius.

We own two of these , one rarely gets used because it is stuck in celsius (and the conversion is not easy to do in your head), and we lost the instructions almost immediately after buying it. I’m posting the solution here for anyone who may have the same problem.

I finally found the answer on how to switch the units on these little surface thermometers. I have posted the solution here for anyone who may be in the same boat.

  1. Make sure the thermometer is off.
  2. Press and hold the “START” button for 5 seconds (the button you press to read the temperature)
  3. After 5 seconds the display will read “– -F° ” or “– -C° ” with the letter blinking.
  4. Release the “START” button.
  5. Press and release the “START” button.
  6. The thermometer will blink the new unit symbol for roughly 3 seconds and will then start up like normal but with your selected units.
  7. Take the temperature as usual.

We bought these at the Rexall in London, Ontario, they may also be sold elsewhere with other branding. The other identification is inside the battery cover and reads:

Model Number: RX500

Rexall Brands Corp.

5965 Coopers Avenue

Mississagua, Ontario

L4Z 1R9

Lot Code: 0605-9134