This Might Surprise You…

by Jason Fredin

…but I think, just maybe, we should cut Dale Henderson a bit of slack.

Dale has been taking a bit of a beating in social as well as mainstream media as of late over DaleTV and his expense reporting.

Sure, he screwed up. At least he is screwed up while trying to do something.

The videos, website, and equipment cost more than they should have, but he is not an expert in any of this. It’s really not difficult to over spend on technology.

If I were doing the videos for myself or someone I supported the expense would be nearly zero. I am capable of building the site inexpensively (roughly $50/yr), I already own the necessary video equipment and I wouldn’t have bothered with that ridiculous TV studio backdrop or even a green-screen.

I may have purchased the lighting, and I probably would have also bought a good microphone.

Would I do it for free for Dale? Not very likely.

Would I do it for free for a few of the councillors I support and admire? Very possibly.

The follow-up offer to provide the setup to others sounds ridiculous but $150 to transport equipment, assemble the studio, film several takes of a councillor stumbling over their words, and process the video (lets face it, there wasn’t really much editing) actually sounds low. I doubt that’s enough for me to take time away from the other jobs I’m doing.

Yes, some people are saying they would do it for free but you get what you pay for. One notable one filmed a response in their car. For a quick two minute “on the run” update it would be great, not for longer form videos.

I am most disappointed  by the fact Dale shows potential, but displays a complete lack of communication and political savvy. He also doesn’t seem to understand dammage control. I am constantly amazed by his ability to dig the hole deeper.

I almost think he’s doing it on purpose.

Dale needs a handler. Someone who can talk to him, distill all the ideas running through his head, and give him the talking points he needs to get his pont across. Otherwise he will relegate himself to being cannon fodder for the media.